3 fundraising tactics to attract the new giving generation

3 fundraising tactics to attract the new giving generation

According to an article Charity Digital News published in 2016, the average charity supporter is getting younger, more tech-savvy, and expects the same level of customer experience from their interactions with not-for-profits that they’d get from commercial brands.

Givergy have spent the last few years rapidly innovating. Were constantly challenging ourselves to ensure we deliver new features and products to help you #RaiseMore.

True to form, Givergy have developed three products that are drawing in the giving generation:

1) Online Auction

The venue is booked, event is planned, guest list is ready, you are psyched to raise as much as possible for your cause. All you have to do now is wait for the big day to arrive! Or do you?

After raising 25 million in the last 12 months for incredible causes, our post event reports have led us to believe that implementing a pre-event online auction is a great way to generate more bids, draw in donors who aren’t able to attend the event and engage those tech-savvy donors. By customising your website to match the theme of the event or organisation it is, not only, a great marketing channel but a great way to communicate vital information to your database before the event.

For those supporters dedicated to the cause or perhaps simply interested in winning a specific lot item, they’re able to place a maximum bid before or during the event through the system. This hybrid bidding functionality ensures donors who want to get involved in a big way can.

2) Leaderboard

There is nothing like a little competition to get the bidding going. By displaying live leaderboards, guests are able to see whos winning which item in real time. Be prepared for some serious bidding wars!

In addition, guests will be prompted not only by the leaderboards but by SMS if they have been outbid. Keeping them informed and engaged thus raising you more!

Our fundraising technology has not only revolutionised the auction process, but due to the experience we provide through our various products it is attracting a younger demographic. I look forward to helping even more charities utilise these products and features in order to surpass fundraising targets Hannah Cherry, Senior Account Manager at Givergy

3) Personal Pledging

Our pledging feature is a great way of #RaisingMore for your cause because through our technology we can assure 100% accuracy and an easy and fun guest experience allowing guests to pledge funds directly to the accuse .

Get the new giving generation to dig deep in their pockets by showing the percentage of how many guests have donated during the night. In addition, give them the option to attach a personal message to their pledge, further inciting other guests to get involved. If your guests are the more modest type, don’t worry, their pledges and bids can always be made anonymous.

In the last 12 months Givergy has helped raise 25 million for 850 incredible causes across the globe! With so many successful fundraising events under our belt, 1,200 to be specific, we’ve learned a thing or two about helping charities maximise their fundraising efforts. If you’d like to discuss the features above or to learn more about our technology in general, contact us.

Tim Stansbury

Tim Stansbury

Director and Fundraising Consultant

Tim joined Givergy in 2010, overseeing the early stage growth of the business to 50 employees across five international regions, supporting over 4,000 events worldwide. With a passion for leadership, business growth and exceptional standards, Tim is at the heart of all clients needs both in the UK and worldwide.