3 Effective Ways Small Charities Can Retain Donors

3 Effective Ways Small Charities Can Retain Donors

Retaining donors that will donate on a regular basis is no easy feat, especially as the fundraising space is so crowded. According to gov.uk there are more than 160,000 registered charities in England and Wales, and this number is rising rapidly, as you read this another charity will be created.

So how do you keep donors engaged with your cause when your time, resources and budget are limited? Whether you are an experienced fundraiser, or new to the industry, the tips below will help you do exactly that.

1) Stay in touch

Maintaining regular contact with your donors is an effective method of keeping donors interested specifically in your cause. Keep in touch with donors in between asking for donations, inform them on the amazing work you’re doing or perhaps a brief outline on exciting future developments. Whether you send them this information in the form of an email, SMS or newsletter it will keep your cause at the forefront of their minds and reassure them that their donation has had an impact.

2) Understand your donor demographic

Your donors come in all shapes and sizes and its key that you understand what motivates them to give consistently and which channels and tools they like to donate through. Don’t worry, you don’t have to conduct this research as its all out there for you, allocate some time to do secondary research.

For instance, according to The Non Profit Times donors from the Matures generation (people born before 1946) feel the least comfortable donating online and if the majority of your demographic come from the Matures generation you’ll need provide another way for them to donate in order to maximise your fundraising efforts.

3)Meet your donors face to face

Meeting donors in person will have a direct impact on their commitment to your cause. It causes a deeper level of empathy to the charity and provides the perfect setting for you to passionately convey why and how the cause is making a difference. Speak with your donors like they’re going to support your cause for years to come. Cast big and bold visions for them, ask them for their advice and opinion and before your know it, they’ll be regular event attendees and donors.

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Ben Crook

Ben Crook

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