Nicest Productions On What Makes Video The Content King

Nicest Productions On What Makes Video The Content King

Did you know that, according to Cisco, 85% of all content consumed online will be video by 2021, that’s madness, right?!We met with Luke Cameron from Nicest Productions, who has shared why the power of storytelling through the use of video content is key for a strong content strategy within the charity sector, along with some practical tips to get started.

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With video becoming the medium that more and more brands use to engage with their audience its swiftly becoming the king of content. Luke says, “its amazing that so many organisations are late adopters of this widely used type of content.

Video and film have been around for decades – inspiring, exciting and consuming peoples imagination and emotions since the dawn of Old Hollywood. In todays society, with high-quality cameras being in almost everybody’s pocket its so easy to grab and capture that perfect moment that you can share with everyone around you.

He suggests that video is a fantastic way of creating content for charities, that can be used to engage with their audience and drive donations. Luke details some of the best video content that Nicest Productions has made to date and what makes it great content:

“When it comes to events such as Givergy’s, using video content to maximise pledges is the easiest and in my opinion, the most effective way to get those in the room to emotionally connect with your message and put their hands in their pocket to donate.

We see it every year on our TV screens; Children in Need, Comic Relief, Text Santa all of these national TV evenings use video to convey a message to their audience. Visually representing, through emotional stories, the causes they are trying to raise money for and where their vital donation goes.

One of my highlights this year was filming Mandy, who after losing her mother to cancer decided to set up a volunteer group at her local hospital in Bournemouth; to sit with people who are dying, when they have no friends or family around them. 7 wonderful people who, at a moments notice, drop everything to go and sit with perfect strangers when they are about to leave this world.

Every single one of us filming Mandy that day cried when she told the story. We actually walked away from filming determined to make it the most inspiring video we had ever made. And we did. The video went live only a few months ago and gained hundreds of thousands of views online, spurring a wealth of support, love and donations, in all forms, to the charity.

One simple video, one social media post, one powerful message.

I got to see first-hand not only the amazing things so many charities do, but the people that do them. Selfless individuals who go out of their way to make other peoples lives better – all to make this world a better place.

The thing is, you don’t need a high production value to create this content. You just need the right people to open up and tell their story. I know for a fact that every single charity in the UK, regardless of size, has these very people – those hidden heroes quietly doing their work behind the scenes of every good cause.

So, next time you sit down to do your social media planning, your marketing strategy and your next event planning session put video at the top of your agenda. Because if you’re not capturing real, raw and inspiring stories on film from the people within your organisation that make lives better, you’re doing something wrong.”

For more on what type of video content your charity should create, we have created resources on how best to implement them.


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