We exist to be the Giving Sector’s #1 trusted innovation partner. We help non-profits embrace digital to drive deeper engagement. It is our sole, unswerving mission to help non-profits raise more.



Our purpose is simple; to help charities maximise their returns when they run fundraising campaigns online and in person.

Rightly or wrongly the public perception of non-profits is that they should only spend their donations directly on the output of their cause. However, the intense pressure to do this often means non-profits do not invest internally to innovate and develop new ways to boost their performance. That’s where Givergy comes in – developing technology to be more engaging, more efficient, and ultimately raise more.


We believe that companies have a responsibility to do business for good. We already work with over 3,000 charity clients worldwide and are committed to ensuring our decision-making processes consider more than just revenue.

We prioritise the world around us and the impact we have upon it, and to find out more on our commitment to this click below to view our B Corp Alignment page which explains what B Corp is and how we are adapting our business to align with their five pillars.


Strong community is the bedrock of any compassionate society and that’s why we try to actively foster a sense of community across the charity sector. We love bringing people together and connecting the non-profit sector through our Future of Fundraising events. Moreover, we have developed a more comprehensive community framework through the Givergy Community, providing professionals from across the sector access to support and educational material.

It’s important to us that our team also gets out into the community supporting projects that they care about, and we commit to giving each of them six days annual paid leave to do so.

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At Givergy we wholeheartedly recognise the environmental emergency facing the planet. We also know that each company and government have a responsibility to act rapidly to address the environmental crisis and reduce their carbon footprints.

We are determined to reduce our negative impact on the environment and have committed to integrating environmental performance into company decision making. This year we have partnered with Climate Partner to radically reduce our environmental impact.

We are proud to say we are operationally carbon neutral and committed to reducing our carbon footprint every year.

To read our environmental impact report and find out more about the projects we support click here.


We strive for Givergy to be a place people of all identities feel comfortable and supported to flourish. For this to be a reality we must actively encourage respect, compassion, and justice within our workplace and in wider society.

We have a suite of policies designed to help encourage these behaviours in our workplace. All our team members know what is expected of them, but also how they will be supported by us through various life challenges. Whether they need counselling to help with mental health issues, or paid miscarriage leave, our policies are there to make our workplace a supportive, inclusive place to be.

However, as a small company that has existed to develop fundraising technology, we don’t claim to be leaders in this space. The real leaders are those in their communities fighting for positive change every day. So instead of using this space to claim that our fundraising technology can create world peace – we simply want to amplify the voices of those doing the work.

Click here for a link to our podcast where we regularly speak to those seeking to create progressive change. Also check out the updates from organisations fighting for these issues on the ground and if you feel so inclined, please support them.