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Givergy is committed to ensuring that you, the charity, are the main beneficiary from any auction item provided by us for your auction from the very first bid! With an unrivalled collection of auction items available to you to suit all budgets, the Givergy item collection is the most transparent, contemporary and charity focused service available.


  1. You select items from the brochure that you think will best suit your audience. We can by all means advise using our expertise if needs be.
  2. The item goes into your auction at the Reserve Price. To ensure transparency this Reserve Price is made up of the following elements:
    1. Item Cost: the price, excl. TAX, which Givergy pays the supplier for the item
    2. Capped Margin: Givergy’s commission, excl. TAX, to cover sourcing and provision.
    3. Charities Minimum Margin: this ensures that if the item sells at the reserve price the charity makes a profit
  3. The charities margin, built into the reserve price and all monies raised above this make up the total charity profit.
"We can't recommend Givergy highly enough. We were incredibly impressed with both the software and the team, and are so happy we chose Givergy to take part in our major Gala event of the year. 10/10!"
"The Givergy Team were great to work with and helped to make our fundraiser a huge success."
“Givergy are incredibly experienced and know what they are doing. I trust them completely to run our silent auctions and interactive pledging, it’s definitely one thing about my events that doesn't keep me up at night.”
"We are really grateful to the Givergy Team for their expert contribution to our Ball. They are all friendly, helpful and very professional and the Givergy electronic bidding system made a tremendous contribution to the success of our Ball and the funds we raised for MS research. We could not be more grateful."
Thank you so much for your wonderful assistance and support to make this our best Gala Ball ever. We raised more than we anticipated and guests loved using your system. Your team were so helpful and professional in the lead up and after the event. I look forward to recommending Givergy to any organisation looking to raise money!