WeSeeHope provides children in Southern and Eastern Africa vulnerable to isolation, exploitation and lack of opportunity with access to community-led education, child rights and economic empowerment programmes. The charity provides education and training support to help children through all stages of their life.

The money raised has helped more than 50,000 young people and 12,000 parents and/or guardians, which is essential for the organisation’s long-term support.

Event Highlights

2023 marked the eighth Hope Classic Rally VIP Dinner, which uses the setting of a stunning classic car meet-up to raise money for this worthy cause. By finding a niche that the target donors are interested in, the charity has raised money and created a go-to event in the calendar, which is great for repeat attendance and loyal donors.

As a Givergy Unlimited client, the charity used a mix of fundraising features, settling upon Silent Auction and Pledges for this event. This was promoted both in and out of the room, with in-person event operations using one tablet per table to ensure people in the room could donate and bid easily.

The charity felt that the auction worked well, and they loved the customisable elements that allowed personality to be added. This is great to hear, as one of the main challenges at themed events is reminding guests that they are also attending to donate.

How Much Was Raised?

A total of £52,830 was raised as a result of £21,440 from the silent auction and £31,390 from the pledge drive.


  • Plan and set up auction items as early as possible to ensure you have all prize information and can start the promotion activity early on. It is also important to be able to focus on event logistics and management in the days just before the occasion, so you don’t want to be managing auction listings at this time.
  • Get people in the room thinking about what they want to bid on. Send out the listing in pre-event comms and bring up the auction lots in conversation when in the room.

“Having support from the team beforehand and during the event was invaluable. Thank you to Hannah for supporting us so well and to the team on the day. The pressure was relieved and it meant we could spend time focusing on donors in the room, not worrying about tech issues.”

Jess Eastwood - Events & Partnerships Manager

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