The Pilko Invitational 2023


The Pilko Invitational 2023 was a family-run golfing event which provided the chance to raise money and remember a much-loved individual.

Co-event organiser Jeremy Pilkington sadly lost his brother Simon to Liposarcoma in 2019. Alongside Simon’s wife Marissa, a charity golf day was held in his memory as it was a sport he cherished. The event was originally intended to occur in 2020, but as with many other events, the pandemic got in the way. Marissa has extensive experience in running events, having worked as a party organiser for Admirable Crichton. Jeremy also had event management experience, having organised a series of large music events previously. This was, however, the first major golf event that the duo has managed.

Held in March 2023, the golfing day was a lovely opportunity for Simon’s friends and family to pay tribute whilst raising money for a worthy cause.


A golfing day was chosen because it allowed everyone to share memories in a way that Simon would have loved. The event also featured a silent auction and pledge drive, which used a range of prizes that friends and family had kindly given. Givergy also assisted with the payment processing to ensure the funds could be received and donated once the event was complete.


The event raised £29,900 in total, which everyone was thrilled about. As the auction prizes were all donated by attendees, 100% of those proceeds went straight to the Sarcoma UK charity.

Everyone was also extremely happy with the event, with guests getting to remember Simon and reminisce over a sport he held so close to his heart. Jeremy commented that due to the success, the family are looking to hold the event every couple of years so that Simon’s memory can live on strongly.

The Givergy platform and support were positively received, with the event said to have ‘ran itself on the day’. 

50% of the purpose was to raise money, and 50% was to remember Simon. We are happy to confirm that the event managed to achieve both.


Jeremy had some brilliant advice when asked about his top tip for fellow fundraisers looking to host their first event! This included the following:

  • If you want to host an event serving as a memorial, choose a location that means something. This will ensure people are invested in multiple ways.
  • Silent auctions work well for events that are not solely focused on raising money. This method of fundraising allowed people to remain relaxed and meant they were more likely to donate generously. 

“I found the Givergy system very intuitive to use. Hannah was very good and worked hard to sort everything out. She was good at explaining how things worked which we really appreciated”.

Jeremy Pilkington, Director

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