Gerando Falcões New York Fundraising Event 2023


Gerando Falcoes International is a social development ecosystem that works in a network to accelerate the impact of Favela leaders across Brazil who have a common dream: “to place the favela poverty in the museum”. Having worked with Givergy for a while now, we have created a dynamic working relationship based on our authentic understanding of the non-profits fundraising needs.

As a result of their fundraising efforts, the non-profit can deliver education, economic development, and citizenship services in Brazilian Favelas. Having impacted more than 5.5 million people and reached 25 states, this organization ran their annual fundraising event to improve awareness and raise money.

Based in Brazil, the organization sometimes finds it challenging to reach overseas donors, with the USA and UK being two of the main markets of interest. The Gerando Falcões New York Fundraising Event 2023 was aimed at the American audience with a show-stopping occasion held in New York City.

Event Highlights

As Givergy Unlimited customers, the non-profit was able to maximize our fundraising tools, which is essential if you plan on appealing to a wide donor base. This event used the Silent Auction, Pledge, Live Auction and Ticketing features via the mobile bidding function.

Helio Campos, Director of events, felt that the features worked together well to create a concise automation process. The messaging features also supported both the pre and post-event proceedings and worked to keep guests informed on the night itself.

The auction was also positively received, with a range of Givergy Consignment Items offering an enticing set of listings for donors to compete for. Having the items to select from also helped with the pre-event organizing as it removed a job from the very busy task list.

The guests were happy with the event and liked having a few different wants to donate money.


  • Choose your items carefully and ensure they are suited to your target demographic. This will ensure you are going to appeal to the entire room and make as much money as possible.

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