Cricket Builds Hope


Cricket Builds Hope is a UK-based charity that uses cricket as a tool for positive social change in Rwanda. Through the vibrant energy and spirit of the sport, Cricket Builds Hope raises money for various social programme’s that promote good.

Focused on equality, empowerment, and social cohesion, the charity helps provide critical knowledge to vulnerable people in Rwanda. The charity was initially founded to build a cricket stadium in the country but has expanded rapidly in recent years to cover various other initiatives that are needed today.
Although the mission changed, the purpose remained the same. To raise as much money as possible to share the positive qualities that cricket offers to the people of Rwanda.


The Cricket Builds Hope Fundraising Dinner 2023 is the biggest fundraising opportunity of the calendar year and the first major event since the pandemic. Because of this, the proceedings needed to make a real impact.
To help things run without a hitch, Givergy provided event staffing on the night. This was important as there were 320+ guests this event in the magnificent setting of The Oval Cricket Ground.

Silent auction, pledges, and live auction features were used to bring in donations which greatly suited the dinner setting. As the charity knew its expected demographic, they chose a selection of prizes which appealed to various price points. This meant that each guest had an auction item or pledge amount suited to what they were willing to give.

To keep guests in the loop, both pre-and post-event, guest messaging was also used. Ideal for events of any size, this feature helps manage larger events brilliantly, as it allows everyone to receive the information needed without taking time away from busy event logistics.


The event raised £100,000 which was double the amount that the charity was hoping to raise. The event also proved a huge success, with guests commenting that they had a brilliant time.

As a small charity with big ambitions, Cricket Builds Hope do not have a dedicated events team which meant that organising the dinner fell to the company entirely. Thankfully, the Givergy platform and team were able to assist and help things run smoothly.


We spoke to Will Hammond (Director) about what his top tips were for small charities looking to raise big funds for international causes. His top tips were as follows:

  • Make sure you tell a story. We had a representative from Rwanda and some notable cricket names that were able to create an emotional tie with the guests and the purpose of the event.
  • Always aim to have a balance of having fun and making an impact as both are important.
  • Balance your prizes and do not choose too many so as not to overwhelm.

“We were genuinely impressed with the Givergy platform. It offered a streamlined journey and made it easy to communicate with people”.

Will Hammond - Director

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