AABIE is a platform that facilitates all at AAB Group to invest in the communities in which they operate. This means many causes are supported yearly using the central pool of money raised through events and ongoing fundraising reminders. More than £200,000 worth of grant funding has been donated since 2016, representing impressive support. This is also backed up by over 4600 hours of volunteering from the AABIE members.

Fundraising Challenges

The main challenge for this event was that it was the first-ever ball that AABIE had organised. Givergy was chosen for their extensive experience in hosting numerous similar events, enabling them to leverage their collective expertise for this occasion.

Event Highlights

The AABIE Ball 2023 was a spectacular event with esteemed clients invited for maximum impact.  Originally planned for 2020 but delayed for obvious reasons, there was lots of build-up, meaning there was pressure to execute things perfectly.  AABIE wanted to ensure the donation process was simple and seamless to maximise donor engagement.

Supported by Givergy technology and staffing assistance, the evening unfolded seamlessly, meeting all expectations. The charity celebrated the attendance of over 300 guests, marking a significant turnout. Attendees praised the seamless and enjoyable experience, surpassing the primary objectives set forth for the event.

Top Feature

The AABIE team felt the silent auction was a standout feature of the event. They commented that curating a diverse range of prizes tailored to everyone’s preferences was an excellent way of maximizing donation potential. The unique and extensive prize offering from Givergy helped to elevate the event.

The post-event follow-up process operated smoothly, allowing donors to receive their prizes without any involvement from the AABIE team.

Amount Raised

The AABIE Ball 2023 raised £47,290. This consisted of £38,530 from the silent auction, £960 from pledges and £7,800 from the prize draw.



AABIE emphasised the importance of clear communication both before and after the event. This practice keeps participants engaged and reinforces the purpose as to why they are attending. In particular, they raised the importance of clearly communicating if an event is cashless to attendees. Despite the charity’s efforts to inform guests of this, many individuals arrived with cash and no cards.

Lastly, when opting for auction items, we took the time to profile the attendees. Aligning prizes with their likely interests can significantly enhance the fundraising.

The Givergy team excelled at ensuring guests felt comfortable and supported throughout the event. Their clear explanations and proactive updates on fundraising progress made us feel completely supported. Additionally, they provided valuable suggestions for maximizing revenue, even after items were sold. Overall a great experience.

Kirsten Middleton - Events Manager

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