Unique Fundraising Ideas for Easter 2024

Unique Fundraising Ideas for Easter 2024

At Givergy, we love seasonal occasions because it’s the perfect opportunity to raise more! Easter is a joyous celebration for many people around the world. It’s a time to celebrate renewal, rebirth and new beginnings. It’s also a time to host various fundraising campaigns that can make a significant impact on different communities. You need unique and ‘fun’ fundraising ideas to stand out and attract donors if you want to elevate fundraising potential.

Below we have gathered some memorable ways to bring in essential donations at a time of year when people are looking to treat others and celebrate within communities. If any of these sound like something that your organisation could benefit from, contact our team now to get the eggs rolling! 

Why Is Easter A Good Time To Raise Money?

Easter is a widely celebrated holiday within the Christian calendar. It is a time when individuals often feel more inclined to give back and demonstrate acts of kindness and generosity. This spirit of giving can be leveraged to encourage people to donate to charitable causes or participate in fundraising events.

Easter is also a great time to connect with donors as it commonly represents a period when families and communities come together for meals, outings and other social activities. These gatherings create opportunities to promote your fundraising cause and generate awareness. By creating seasonal events, such as Easter gatherings, you can tap into the sense of community and bring people together in support of a common goal. By leveraging these factors, you can effectively raise money for your cause and make a positive impact on your organisation or the community you serve.

Givergy’s 2024 Easter Fundraising Ideas

Do you need more of a wiggle in your tail or crunch in your chocolate? Easter events are a great idea but will only be a huge success if you put extra time and attention into the planning phases. To assist you, we have come up with some playful ideas you can take inspiration from to throw some brilliant events.

Online Easter Basket Auction

Everyone loves an online auction, especially when it’s got a seasonal theme! We think an easter themed auction is a fantastic way to bring in more money as you can get truly creative with the auction items. Anything from Easter baskets to fancy celebration meals can all be tied into with the celebrations that traditionally take place at this time of year. 

The benefit of an online auction is also that you can keep overheads down whilst reaching a large audience and give you more fundraising potential overall. 

Bunny Fun Run or Walk

Live fundraising events can be used in many ways when it comes to seasonal occasions making them a fun way to engage donors. Why not try thinking outside of the box and holding an Easter-themed Bunny Fun Run or Walk event where participants dress up in bunny costumes and collect sponsors for each kilometer or mile they complete. Promote the event through social media and encourage participants to fundraise for a cause while enjoying a fun and active Easter-themed activity.

Family Easter Craft Day

Hosting a Family Easter Craft Day is a wonderful way to bring families together for a fun and creative celebration. You can use it as a way to create a positive emotional link to your cause as well as raising money. A great way to bring in donations is to consider hosting this as a ticketed event.

Easter Baking Competition

Something synonymous with Easter are sweet treats. By running an old-fashioned bake sale you can appeal to donors young and old. This could be virtual, using online retailers to support you, or part of a wider in-person occasion. You can get truly creative with this idea!

Choose Givergy For Seasonal Events

Do you love the idea of making the most of special occasions but lack the finesse to push things over the line? Don’t worry as the Givergy team is ready to support you. Whether you need help executing a planned event or want some brainpower from our fundraising experts, by working with us any need can be fulfilled. Please just get in touch!