It’s Now Easier Than Ever For Your Guests To Redeem Their Auction Item

It’s Now Easier Than Ever For Your Guests To Redeem Their Auction Item

We know how imperative it is to your fundraising initiatives that you provide an exceptional experience for your donors, whether you’re hosting an event or fundraising online. Specifically, ensuring that the auction items you provide to your donors meet their expectations and that they have an enjoyable experience as a result of their donation. A positive or negative guest experience can leave a lasting impression and it can be the crucial difference between retaining or loosing donors.

Givergy is committed to ensuring that we provide an impeccable experience for your guests pre-and post event, which is why we have invested in our new Voucher Management System (VMS). This new booking system is an industry game changer and has significantly automated the process in which guests redeem their auction item after your event, giving donors more control and the ability to leave feedback about their experience.

With the Givergy Voucher Management System, winning bidders are able to redeem their item or experience quicker and more efficiently than ever possible before. Through our fully automated feedback system, donors are given the chance to leave a review following their item experience or product delivery. We then use the feedback to work with our suppliers to continuously enhance our product range.

How does the VMS work?

  • The moment your guest pays for their item they will be emailed an e-voucher, with full details of the experience, terms and conditions and how to book.
  • Using this e-voucher, your guest will be able to log onto the VMS in order to redeem their prize and also answer a few item specific questions which will significantly speed up their delivery process. Following this, our suppliers will confirm their booking within 3 working days it couldn’t be easier!
  • All physical items (memorabilia and art) will now be delivered to your guests home or office free of charge and the item will be dispatched within 10 days of the guest confirming delivery details. The courier tracking reference number will also be sent to ensure your guest is fully informed at every step of the journey.
  • Following their experience or product delivery, your guests are also given the chance to leave a review through our fully automated feedback system. If any item scores below our minimum threshold it will be removed as soon as we are made aware.

VMS Image-1.png

What are the benefits?

Immediate access to booking / delivery information after redeeming the voucher

Review items access full details of the item/experience post purchase

Purchase history view any auction items they have purchased in the past

Track delivery progress including courier tracking and expected delivery date

Automated reminder to redeem their auction item if they have not done so within two days


Jordan Morris

Jordan Morris


Jordan joined Givergy after studying Politics with International Relations at the University of York. He has over two years experience within the charity sector working as a face-to-face fundraiser and as a constituency campaigner. After experiencing the sector from within and knowing first-hand the impact digital solutions can make to fundraising strategies, Jordan is now dedicated to innovating the way charities fundraise to ensure they maximise returns from every fundraising campaign.