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"Givergy’s fundraising technology helps you increase fundraising revenue, engage guests during live events, and simplify online campaigns."

Ben Crook

Chief Operating OfficerChief Operating Officer

Ben Crook

Chief Operating Officer

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Why Givergy?

Our mission is to empower charities and individuals to help make the world a better place. We exist to be the Giving Sector’s #1 trusted innovation partner, and to help non-profits embrace digital to drive deeper engagement. It is our sole, unswerving mission to help non-profits raise more and spread their word, whatever message of positive change that may be.

What is Givergy?

Givergy is a market-leading fundraising technology and consultancy company, with the goal of helping non-profits maximise their charitable returns across both online and in-person fundraising activities. Supporting over 10,000 campaigns across the past decade – raising more than $1.7B – we’re proud to be known as a partner to some of the World’s most prestigious charities including amfAR, UNICEF, Marie Curie, GOSH & The Prince’s Trust as well as thousands of smaller yet equally worthy causes.

What sort of events do you support?

Traditionally focussing on large, seated charity dinners, Givergy now provides support to both in-person and online fundraising activities in equal measure. So, whether it’s a gala dinner, golf day or a virtual fundraiser with attendees from across the country and beyond, Givergy has a solution perfect for your needs.

What regions do Givergy operate in?

Our HQ is in London (from which we provide Europe-wide support), but we also have offices in New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Hong Kong and Sydney. We have supported fundraising events all over the globe including Singapore, Paris, Cannes and Monaco.

How does Givergy make my job as an event organiser easier?

We won’t pretend to be experts in sound, lighting or catering, but when it comes to fundraising and maximising your charitable returns, we’ve got you covered. As well as offering class-leading tools to manage your ticket sales, silent auction, prize draw/raffles and donations, we pride ourselves on providing the advice and guidance needed to ensure your event is as successful as it possibly can be.

Can you provide me with references of fundraising clients that have used you in the past?

Absolutely. We have a list of testimonials and are more than happy to put you in touch with clients who have had first-hand experience of the Givergy product and service, or even better… those who have used Givergy and another interactive bidding supplier before.

Can I arrange a demo with a Givergy consultant?

We would be delighted to arrange a free consultation – either over Teams or in-person – so that we can demonstrate the Givergy platform as well as provide some top-line advice and guidance based on your aims and objectives. Every event and campaign which we support is different to the last, so gaining in an insight into what you’re hoping to achieve is a crucial starting point!

How long does it take Givergy to set up?

A bespoke, branded online fundraising page offering ticketing, auction, prize draw and pledge functionality can take as little as a few days to set up, although we always recommend a lead time of at least ten days. If we’re providing on-site support for an 8pm gala dinner, we typically arrive at around 4pm to ensure everything is set-up and ready to go for your guests’ arrival!

Does every guest need to register for a to use the Givergy system?

Whether using our fundraising tablets at a gala dinner, our smartphone platform or a combination of both, guests will need to register to ensure their preferences and details are safe and secure.

Once they’ve registered, they’ll simply need to enter a four digit pin to bid using our tablets, or a password to use our smartphone platform.

What happens if a tablet is damaged or stolen?

If a tablet is lost or stolen and not returned then we would have to charge this to our client unfortunately. All tablets are numbered and have tracking stickers on their reverse. Also our event managers keep a beady eye on them during the event, so this very rarely occurs.

Can a guest remain anonymous?

Yes. Every time a guest places a bid or makes a donation – either via our smartphone platform or a tablet – they have the option of remaining anonymous.

Do pre-event online auction websites actually work?

Yes, in a number of ways. With the right exposure to your guests or database they act not only as good fundraising tools but also as smart and simple marketing tool that give the event a really professional touch. We’re a big fan of charities using online auctions to help them raise more.

I have several fundraisers planned – what’s the best way of booking?

Historically, clients would always book our services on a campaign-by-campaign basis, requiring different contracts and invoices for each. Whilst some still prefer this, many now choose to utilise Givergy Unlimited – our new, annual subscription package which provides unlimited access to our online fundraising tools for an entire year. For clients looking to run more than one campaign across a twelve month period, this is almost always the most cost-effective way to work with us.

How does Givergy differ when compared to other similar providers in the market?

Despite being a technology firm, we recognize that exceptionalservice is as crucial as the product itself. So, despite having a fantastic product, we really stand out due to the service we provide all our clients and their guests before, during and after the event.

Will there be Givergy staff at my event?

Whilst there will normally be at least one staff member from Givergy on-site, it depends on the package you book with us. We try to offer flexible, cost-effective solutions to suit every budget which means that, sometimes, more confident clients find that remote support is sufficient for their needs.

I may have last minute changes to guest and lot data, is this a problem?

No. Our system is designed to be as flexible as possible and we understand the nature of live events where no matter how much planning goes on, something always crops up on the night. So be it adding / removing guest names, tweaking lot items or changing the end time of the silent auction, this can all be done on the night of the event.

Do you take credit card details from every guest?

You have a number of options here, depending on your preferences. Whilst traditionally, guests would only be contacted after an event in order to have their payment details taken, recent advances with our smartphone platform now give clients the option to collect these before bids are placed. This means that a) the payment collection process becomes far quicker and b) you no longer run the risk of winning bidders changing their minds!

Can you help secure auction / consignment items?

Absolutely. Givergy’s auction item department is designed to ensure that each and every Client we work with goes into their event with a range of items guaranteed to ‘wow’ their audience. From artwork, to dining experiences, to luxury holidays, we have incredible money-can’t-buy items ready to slot into your offering!

How much does the Givergy system cost?

Supporting fundraisers of all shapes and sizes, Givergy have solutions to suit every budget. For our one-off, online-only packages we can offer attractive commission models for clients apprehensive about paying an up-front fee. Alternatively, for clients keen to know exactly what they’re paying in advance, or for in-person events with bigger targets which require on-site support, we can offer flexible flat-fee solutions, depending on the exact requirements.

What return on investment can I expect by using Givergy rather than pen and paper?

The million dollar question! And one which is, unfortunately, very difficult to answer. In our experience, the success of a fundraiser relies on a) the quality of items available, b) the wealth of the audience and their interest in the cause and c) the mechanism through which they are giving. Whilst a) and b) are often areas in which we have no control, we’re here to ensure that we have you covered with c), by providing a fun, engaging and competitive bidding platform which your supporters will love using.

So, whilst it’s hard to pin a number of the kind of return you can expect, you should take comfort from the fact that, when clients move from paper to Givergy, they never look back.

I am trying to get a sponsor for the silent auction system, what are the benefits for them?

Our smartphone platform, fundraising tablets and leaderboards all provide various exposure opportunities for would-be sponsors, giving their logo/branding pride-of-place within one of the focal points of the evening – the fundraising platform.

If you’d like a little more information on this, please let the team know.

Our Offices

UK & Europe

The Studios, Rosedale Road, Richmond, London TW9 2SX, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 20 4571 2655


530 Seventh Avenue, Floor M1, New York, NY 10018, United States

Tel: +1 323 536 1651


PO Box 75371, RPO Leslie Street, Toronto, ON, M4M 1B3, Canada

Tel: +1 236 326 6253

Hong Kong

PO Box 6479, General Post Office, 2 Connaught Pl, Central, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 3703 8444


PO Box 422, Cherrybrook, NSW, 2126, Australia

Tel: +61 2 5135 2519





We ask for client feedback after every campaign or event! See below some of our recent successes from around the globe:

“The Givergy team provided essentially flawless execution of our online auction, silent auction and pledge drive.”

Urban Pathways

“This was our first online auction and we could not have picked a better platform to work with. From our first interaction… nothing but first class, professional people.”