Required Equipment for your Givergy Virtual + Event

Internet connection:
Ensure that the host and moderator have a strong internet connection, preferably fibre, it’s important that they run a speed test in advance of the event. To do this they can access on a device connected to the internet being used on the event. The ideal speeds are at least 15MB + download and 5MB+ upload. If possible, a hardwired connection is preferred.

It’s also important that when conducting rehearsals or on the night itself the host ensures the internet bandwidth is not be used up by other devices in the home I.E Netflix, Xbox or mobile devices which can interfere with the hosts connection.


We recommend for the host to have three devices or screens:

  • One for the live stream – note, this will either need to be a laptop with an integrated webcam & microphone or have a separate camera and microphone connected to the device. This computer should be dedicated entirely to the live stream and should not be running any additional programs.
  • One for the pledge / auction leaderboard – we can create a live auction screen which will show pledges and live auction bids coming in for your host to announce.
  • One to view the ‘audience view’ of the event. This will ensure the host can see exactly what the audience can see. Note, from here they will also be able to view the Chat box should they need to interact with this.

It’s important to test the host’s camera and computer audio to ensure that the quality is clear, the host looks great and you hear them properly. We will do this at the beginning of the rehearsal.

See our host ‘top tips’ below:

Camera tips:

  • Headroom. Make sure when you sit down in the frame of the camera that there isn’t too much room above your head in your camera shot.
  • Reflections. If at all possible, try to avoid having reflections behind you either in mirrors or windows.
  • Location. Try to be in a location where there aren’t any distractions or chances of other people walking in on you while you are live.

Lighting tips:

  • Background Lighting. Try to not have any large light sources (the sun through a window) behind you in your camera shot to avoid having the shot being too bright.
  • Foreground Lighting. Make sure if you have lights in front of you (on the side of your camera) that the lights are not too bright or too close to you. That will ensure that there isn’t a lot of light reflecting off your face.

Chat Moderator / Guest Help Desk:
We recommend you have two separate team members on a separate laptop/desktops with the tasks of moderating the live chat and answering guest queries. Again, if they want to watch the audience view it is recommended to do so on a separate device.