A Kid Again


A Kid Again is a non-profit organization with multiple chapters across the US. They aim to give every child in America with a life-threatening condition the chance to be a child again by facilitating unique experiences. Helping the children and their families regain ‘normal’ moments full of positivity and carefree living requires ongoing fundraising and donor support.

Since their foundation in 1995, A Kid Again has served more than 206,000 people, aiming to help many more in the coming years. This non-profit also strives to go above and beyond the act of giving a special gift by providing encounters that provide practical, comprehensive and ongoing support to families that elevates everyone’s well-being.


Like many nonprofits and charities, A Kid Again cites brand reach and awareness as one of their main fundraising challenges to overcome. It is important that with every campaign, both the existing database of donors and a new audience are equally reached to ensure that donations continue to increase each year. The organization feels that being able to advertise their events using the Givergy Live Fundraising Site, social media and digital communications is a brilliant way of sharing their cause with a wide variety of people across the country.

Another area that poses difficulties for nonprofits is when it comes to finding a niche in the market. Through Givergy features and post-event reporting, the organization feels confident that they can carve out their part of the fundraising sector conditionally. This means that with every campaign and communication sent, the team at A Kid Again are confident that they stand out even in saturated markets.

Furthermore, getting people to really engage with a worthy cause is also a hardship for many. Whilst many people will feel passionate about a cause, they only sometimes donate or volunteer. This nonprofit favors the Givergy platform as it allows people to get involved easily. Features such as Silent Auctions and Pledges have been used over the years by A Kid Again to ensure that their entire audience can take part in different events across the country.

Last but not least is the challenge of communication that many organizations face. Keeping donors up-to-date with current events can be complex, especially as details change or if they’re connected to multiple organizations. To overcome this, A Kid Again uses the Guest Messaging feature from Givergy as it can be used to schedule content during busy event periods. Julie commented that the feature was a ‘game-changer’ and meant the staff could focus on many other duties without communications going by the wayside.


Christine – “For me, the digital Pledges stand out as they let us share a story, making people more likely to donate. The ability to set a wide range of pledges with visual and storytelling element resonates with our audience, leading to more donations.”

Ashley – “I agree with Christine, and I also think the Silent Auction is fantastic as you can see everything available in one place. You can also build in the company branding with logos and colors to ensure that the donors build a connection with A Kid Again, which is important.”

Julie – “I would agree with both of my colleagues and expand this to include all of the digital visual features that Givergy makes possible. Putting everything together in one place with our branding makes a big difference.”


We are thrilled to hear that the team at A Kid Again believes that Givergy makes a difference!

They commented that using the system as both a donor and admin is easy to work with in both situations. The layout is user-friendly, and the intelligent features make creating a professional brand image possible even without experience using the platform.

Being able to collect donor information through Givergy has been helpful for A Kid Again. The team uses this data to shape future fundraising efforts and improve their ongoing communications.


“We have been working with Givergy for a number of years and found the platform great during this time. I have to say though, since Serena started supporting us it has been like a breath of fresh air! Support also replies really quickly and I always feel that no matter what question I ask, a helpful response is offered.” – Christine Airhart


  • Don’t be afraid to use the Givergy support team
  • Use the information from your Givergy campaigns to improve future fundraising
  • Listen to the Givergy team as they offer valuable insights

“Givergy listens to feedback very well. It is refreshing to be listened to and actively shown through actions that they are willing to do anything needed to support non-profit activity.”

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