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It’s great that you’re fundraising online with Givergy, where your campaign has endless reach! We want to make it easy for you to make your campaign known to the entire globe, by using our social, email and advert templates below you can easily share your fundraising campaign across your channels!

Live Campaign TweetsLive Campaign Tweets

Share your campaign with your Twitter followers to encourage people to get involved.

Client Campaign ChecklistClient Campaign Checklist

A checklist of items that need to be considered before sending back page data to your dedicated Givergy Account Manager.

Fundraising Email BannerFundraising Email Banner

Add this email banner below your email signature to direct people to your fundraising campaign!

Site Key TermsSite Key Terms

These are the key terms and conditions of running a campaign online with Givergy! If you haven't already, they are a must read.

Case StudiesCase Studies

These case studies will give you insight into how charities big and small made their campaign a huge success.