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Fundraising Events

These fundraising event templates make it really easy for you to spread the word about your up and coming event and get the bidding started in advance.

Pre-Event Auction Tweets Pre-Event Auction Tweets

Generate interest in your event and online auction by promoting it to your followers to get the bidding started prior.

Post-Event TweetsPost-Event Tweets

Thank your followers for their contribution to the auction and event.

Email TemplatesEmail Templates

Here are various email templates to hit your database with to promote your event and auction.

Mobile - How To GuideMobile - How To Guide

A simple guide to help your donors understand how to use the Givergy system using their own smart phone. Just pick the size you need and download! TIP! We recommend including this in your event brochure! Just pick the size you need and download!

Adverts Adverts

Here is an advert you can slip into your event brochure or website to let your donors know who your fundraising partners are. Just pick the size you need and download!