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Our new consumer product, Givergy ACCESS, has been live for a week and has been incredibly well received. If you havent had the chance to look then visit it here:

In essence this is an online platform that allows charities to expose their incredible lot and raffle items to a much larger target market rather than just their database. Leveraging the power of the world wide web, as well as celebrity status, this is all aimed at raising you more. As the strapline to this product captures, the idea behind this being that the more the consumer gives, via bids or raffle ticket purchases, the more likely they are to win and therefore have a richer experience.

The benefits of this product include the following but to learn more about the team behind it and how the simple pricing commission structure works then click here.

  • Reach a wider audience
  • Maximise the awareness of your charity
  • Your own dedicated charity page creating longevity to your online presence
  • Cost effective way to raise funds outside of an event
  • Simple and easy user interface
  • Flexible auction, raffle and buy it now functionality
  • Capitalise on Givergys marketing investment
  • Low fixed commission pricing structure

If you think this could be of interest to you or your charity then please dont hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you.


Tim Stansbury

Tim Stansbury

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) - Givergy

Tim joined Givergy in 2010, overseeing the early stage growth of the business to 50 employees across five international regions, supporting over 4,000 events worldwide. With a passion for leadership, business growth and exceptional standards, Tim is at the heart of all clients needs both in the UK and worldwide.