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10th Aug 2015

5 Tips That Will Transform Your Fundraising Event

After supporting 1,000’s of charities across the globe; we’ve diligently picked up a few tips along the way, which we can’t wait to share; because they will help you make your fundraising event even more of a success!

See below these 5 tips that require minimum effort to follow, but will have maximum impact on your event!

1. Focus!

It’s easy to get carried away with all the different ways of engaging guests at a fundraising event. However, the first tip from one of Givergy’s Senior Account Managers, Vikki, is to avoid implementing too many different fundraising elements. Instead of having a silent auction, a raffle, a quiz and pledging etc., focus your event on one, or two elements. This will ensure guests don’t get confused and overwhelmed with all of the different fundraising options, which will inevitably dilute the energy surrounding the event as well as their willingness to give.

2. Speaking of guests…

Give your guest list a lot of consideration. Invite people that will have an impact not only on your event but on your cause too. Guests either with a high profile or high net worth are going to help you get closer to your target as well as increase awareness of all the amazing work you do.

3. Announce your target

Make it loud and clear to your guests what you’re trying to achieve. You could even break the target down to further encourage everyone to get involved, for example, if your target is £10,000 and you have invited 500 guests; every guest would only need to donate or bid £20 to reach the target. The target seems much closer to hand and will definitely encourage people to bid.

4. Find a balance

Keeping your guests entertained is a vital part of a successful event. However, make sure that there is a good balance between entertainment and fundraising. Source entertainment that allows you to bring the focus back to the fundraising regularly throughout the evening.

5. Implement Technology

Technology plays a huge part in making our day-to-day life more efficient; why not make it apart of your fundraising event too? Over the past 12 months, Givergy Events have supported 1,200+ events and helped raise £25million+ for charities across the globe using revolutionary technology. There is an array of innovative technological solutions that you can customise to your fundraising event in order to raise as much as possible for your incredible cause!

To find out more about our technology or to simply discuss the tips further contact us today! We’d love to hear from you.