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Givergy is committed to ensuring that you, the charity, are the main beneficiary from any auction item provided by us for your auction from the very first bid! With an unrivalled collection of items available to you to suit all budgets, the Givergy item collection is the most transparent, contemporary and charity focused service available.


  1. The pricing of our items is key to the success of any auction. To facilitate the highest bidding activity on each item our unique model ensures we offer competitive starting prices.
  2. We are transparent on the cost price (incl. VAT) of each item, as well as the starting price that we suggest.
  3. From the moment the item sells at the starting price, you will always benefit more than Givergy using our 51/49% split.
    a. Cost price: This  is the actual price inclusive of VAT that we pay for your item.
    b. Givergy margin caps: The maximum Givergy profit per item up to the margin cap.
    c. Starting price: The price that the item will start at ensuring that you will always make more than Givergy.
  4. The below example shows a sample auction item and the charity profit it would generate if it sold at each of the five ‘winning bid’ prices listed. As you can see, whilst the charity profit continues to increase as the winning bids increase, the Givergy profit is capped.
"What a cool system! Professional through and through. These guys go above and beyond expectations making the whole Givergy experience enjoyable and stress free. The system allows for more guest interaction without the pressure. Happy guests = more money!"
“Givergy are a fantastic and highly valued part of all of our events, it is brilliant to have them as part of the team.”
"Givergy was a huge hit at our recent event. Our guests enjoyed the interactive bidding process and it made the evening much more dynamic as people were able to track the items they were interested in and up their bids as necessary."