Selecting and briefing your auctioneer

Selecting and briefing your auctioneer

Choosing the right auctioneer is paramount to the success of your auction. If an auctioneer is entertaining and charismatic, he or she will keep the crowd’s attention and transform a silent room into a hive of bidding activity. If you haven’t worked with an auctioneer before, we can recommend one for your event.

If your budget permits, avoid the temptation of using a board member or staff member as the auctioneer to cut costs. A good auctioneer could be the difference between raising £10,000 and £50,000, so even if there is an initial cost involved, the right person will pay for themselves in the money they raise for you. However, it is still important to do your research. Ask your potential auctioneers if they have any recordings of their work they can share and make sure you select someone whose style is tailored to your event.

Ahead of the event, your auctioneer needs:

  • A fact file with key points about each item.
  • A list of correct reserves so he/she does not undersell.
  • A list of any items that can be multi-sold.
  • A brief on any high net worth individuals or VIP tables so he/she knows where bids may be coming from.

Your Givergy event manager will brief with your auctioneer prior to the event to ensure everything is clear. As part of this, it helps to introduce volunteers and spotters to your auctioneer so that he/she knows they are there to assist and point.
Getting the auctioneer to say “Sold!” and the table number can eliminate missed bids and direct the spotter to the winner.

How to best utilise your MC for your silent auction

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