Frontier Airlines


Every year, major American Airlines provider, Frontier, runs a charity golf tournament for their business partners to engage with their network. As a large corporation in the US, they also use this as an opportunity to raise money and contribute to their annual corporate social responsibility commitments.


The annual golf tournament is an established date in the calendars of the company and their partners, with business partners getting a chance to meet face to face. The event raises money for Folds of Honor, a non-profit that helps families of service men and women who have either fallen or been left with a disability because of protecting their country. This organization provides educational scholarships and relies on the ongoing support of its various fundraising partners.


Frontier used the Givergy silent auction feature with 30 items included in the bidding process. This ran alongside the golf tournament, providing a way for them to raise money alongside their networking objectives. Pledge and ticketing features were used as additional support tomake sure all fundraising ran smoothly. Finally, Givergy provided an event staff member to help with the day’s logistics. This entire process ensured that things ran on time and that Frontier could enjoy the day and their guests.




The 2021 event was no exception, with happy faces and plenty of money raised. Michael Pewther, a Senior Director for Frontier Airlines, comments, “This year’s event went very well, and our attendees were incredibly pleased. Although we didn’t have a specific goal in mind, we did indeed significantly increase year over year, which is what we like to see”.


As established annual fundraisers, the Frontier has lots of tips for how other companies can run successful events.

One key itemis to start planning as early as possible. This should be combined with effective communication throughout all stages. Another successful tip for them was being strict with their own budgets and keeping a close eye on spending. Finally, engaging with a strong support system and getting lots of rest around the event is essential for running a spectacular show.

At Givergy, we support all these aspects and can be as involved as you need us to be.

“The team at Givergy was great, and I relied on them immensely. Tiffany was a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to working with the team again next year”.

Frontier Airlines

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