Why Third-Party Auction Items Can Help You Raise More At Your Fundraising Event

Why Third-Party Auction Items Can Help You Raise More At Your Fundraising Event

Charity event organisers generally depend on high-end donated auction items from committee members, major donors or corporate partners in order to raise as much as possible at their charity events. We all know relying on donated auction items comes with multiple risks and stress. However, once you get your hands on a few amazing items, the fundraising result can be outstanding! Not only are you raising more but the process of procuring donated items can help strengthen and maintain donor relationships.

Nevertheless, you should always have a no risk contingency plan that can enhance your existing auction item range. Perhaps you couldn’t get hold of a major donor who promised to auction off their holiday home. Alternatively, maybe the committee member who was going to donate a VIP box on a football ground no longer has access to it.

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Here are 7 reasons why taking on third-party auction items can help you maximise your fundraising efforts!

1)No risk

Source a supplier that doesn’t take any money if the item doesn’t sell during the event. Its also important that you’re the main beneficiary of the auction item if it sells, therefore ensure their pricing model reflects that.

2)Build excitement

Showcasing a range of elite and exciting auction items will draw in donors. You’ll create an electric atmosphere that will drive up bidding and leave a lasting impression on your guests! Watch the recording to learn how to get the right balance of auction items for your event and demographic in this webinar!



Third-party auction item suppliers often have the ability to provide the same auction item multiple times. Use this as part of your fundraising strategy and auction off the same item more than once for the same price. This works especially well in a live auction when your auctioneer can create and control a competitive environment engaging and selling a single item to several high rolling bidders. It can also be utilised in the silent auction where Givergy will work with you to approach all of the guests that could potentially agree to match the final price the item sold for.

4)Consultancy service

Find a supplier who offers genuine guidance and advice on the type of auction items to offer your particular demographic and items that complement the theme of your event. Its important to fully understand the auction item packages available, pricing structure and the redemption process your guests will go through.

5)Eliminate admin

When using a third-party auction items supplier, numerous admin tasks will be eliminated. For instance, you will no longer have to worry about curating copy and sourcing images for the auction items. In addition, its the suppliers responsibility to ensure that your guests redeem their auction item or experience in an efficient manner.

6)Concentrate on your demographic

Take the time to learn and understand your demographic, use this knowledge to strategically select auction items from your third-party supplier. Choosing auction items whilst keeping your demographic at the forefront of your mind can reduce the risk of the auction item not selling on the night.

7)Offer a variety

Offering a variety of auction items (sports memorabilia, experiences, art, holidays etc.) guarantees that there is something enticing for everyone. Striking the right balance between audience interest and variety will enable you to raise more!

Givergy offer a wide range of auction items and experiences tailored specifically for your needs. If you would like to learn more about our exclusive auction item collection, request a brochure! You have nothing to lose.


Ben Crook

Ben Crook

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