Maximise ROI on your fundraising event with these 5 event planning tips

Maximise ROI on your fundraising event with these 5 event planning tips

Holding a fundraising event is a big investment, and when done successfully it can have a huge impact on revenue. On that same note, when executed poorly, your fundraising event becomes a missed opportunity to raise a substantial amount more for your incredible cause!

Its awfully easy to become consumed with all the different elements of putting on an event (venue, guest list, décor, entertainment the list goes on), fortunately we have come up 5 simple and cost effective tips that are sure to help you reach your events fundraising potential.

1)Timing is everything

The date of your event can have a huge impact on how much money is in the room. For example, its not the best idea to expect huge donations straight after Christmas.

However, its not just all about the date of the event, the flow of your event needs to work too in order for is to be a fundraising success. Having a detailed, well thought-out running order has many advantages; not only does it ensure everyone knows what they should be doing, but it allows you to take advantage of the moments where people are likely to donate more, for example after an emotive speech.

2) Make interacting with the auction as easy as possible

Attending a fundraising event shouldn’t be a chore, in fact, it should be the event guests have been waiting to attend all year. Creating an interactive, high energy atmosphere will help you to retain and acquire high value donors.

You can create this energy not only through amazing entertainment but also through your auction at your event by using fundraising technology which will make the bidding process easy, fun and competitive.

3) Build-up donations before your event with an online auction

Whether you choose to open all of your auction lots before the event or just a select few through your custom online auction, this is an excellent way to get the ball rolling. It not only brings in the donations early but also promotes your event, brand and builds up the excitement and anticipation between your guests. Essentially, becoming a great communication channel.

Those who have been bidding on items for a week or two before the event will be even more determined to win and keep their bidding up at the event!

Not only is it convenient for the bidders but its gold dust in terms of data! Its essential for you to know which items are doing well and can give you a clear indication of where to put your reserve prices when the lots move into the event, thus raising you more!

4) Pledge at the right moment

Making time to ask guests to pick up their tablets and pledge is an effective way to encourage donations.

Having a guest speaker who has been personally affected by your charity tell their story is a great way to create an emotional connection. After the speech give guests the opportunity to pledge to the cause. It is so important to be informative and clear on where the money is going and how it will make an impact, especially now with sector being under interrogation. If you have specific goals e.g. raising enough for new equipment, it is always a great idea to tell your audience about this. Give them something to aim for.

5) Know your volunteers

Believe it or not, it is volunteers who make the biggest impression on the guests. Having volunteers who believe in the cause and are passionate about it is sure to pay off. Getting to know the individuals strengths before the event will allow you to disperse the jobs suitably. Holding a volunteer briefing prior to the event is a great way to meet your volunteers and give them an insight into their very important role on the night. They are your ambassador after all.

In the last 12 months Givergy have helped raise 25 million for 1,500 events across the globe. To discuss any of the tips further or to learn more about our various fundraising solutions please contact us, wed love to hear from you.


Ben Crook

Ben Crook

Chief Operating Officer

Ben is at the forefront of every project in Givergy, listing and actioning constant improvements across the business. With over a decade of experience in the charity and events sector he brings a deep understanding of what the fundraising industry needs to operate effectively and efficiently.