How Mobile Fundraising Technology Can Help Nonprofits Fundraise

How Mobile Fundraising Technology Can Help Nonprofits Fundraise

The fundraising space is crowded therefore standing out from the crowd can be challenging. With so many organizations trying to fundraise at events, how can you shake things up to increase donations and guest satisfaction? Mobile fundraising technology could be the answer!

Supplementing your non-profit gala dinner with mobile fundraising technology allows you to implement a simple and effective silent auction that will allow guests to place bids with a few simple taps and interact with the auction through their phone before, during and after your event.

The technology can also send SMS messages to notify guests when they have been outbid that can go a long way when looking to encourage a competitive atmosphere. Mobile fundraising technology becomes the answer to innovating an outdated, and previously logistically heavy fundraising technique.

But dont take our word for it! To help you better understand how this technology is helping non-profits fundraise, check out some real-world examples of how Givergy’s mobile fundraising technology has become an instrumental part of non-profit events.

Case Study #1 – The Hunger Project Australia

The Hunger Project Australia is a non-profit that works towards breaking the cycle of poverty and social inequality by aiming to end hunger by 2030. This year, they decided to take their fundraising digital by using Givergy’s custom online auction platform to facilitate 128 auctions that ran across 11 days in the lead up to valentines day. The auctions included table reservations to some of the worlds most revered restaurants for an all-inclusive evening on one the busiest nights of the year.

Being able to fully customise their online auction website to fit their brand requirements, gave it a unique and bespoke feeling that played an instrumental role in successfully auctioning off 123 dining experiences across the globe!

Using fundraising technology allowed for The Hunger Project to seamlessly express their brand, targets, and goals to their supporters wherever they were in the world, increasing the number of donors who got involved and allowing them to bid with ease whilst keeping the process simple but engaging.

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Case Study #2 – Archie’s Ball (London)

The Archie Lloyd Charitable Foundation used Givergy’s mobile fundraising technology as a platform to launch their charity at their very first fundraising event, Archies Ball! Held at the Supernova in Embankment Gardens, London, they hosted 1,053 guests that would all be competing to a win a diverse range their own and exclusive Givergy auction items in a silent auction platform and raise funds to inspire and motivate young people whose opportunities in life are limited.

After consulting with Givergy’s fundraising experts, it was clear that Archie Lloyd would benefit from the flexibility of the mobile platform as it enables guests to bid prior to and during the event through their smartphones. Taking into account the sheer size of the event and demographics of guests this platform would inevitably maximise their fundraising efforts.

They went on to receive 674 bids in just 5 hours, that contributed towards raising an incredible 250,000 for their incredible cause!

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Ben Crook

Ben Crook

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