Fundraising Inspiration From Tree Of Hope

Fundraising Inspiration From Tree Of Hope

Fundraising doesn’t always have to be a huge task. It is not always about big events, balls, fetes, fun days or extreme challenges its easy to get your supporters to start fundraising from the comfort of their own home with friends, family and neighbours getting involved too!

National children’s charity Tree of Hope have developed a new campaign ‘Dine and Donate’, which encourages fundraising at home, by asking supporters to host a foodie event of their choice at home and at a time that suits them. However, there a hundreds of ideas that go beyond this to help you raise money at home.

Get the kids involved

It could be making pizzas, a treasure hunt, mass dog walk, sports day or craft morning. Not only is it super fun, but teaches children about the incredible gift of giving. Encourage your supporters to not only host a fundraiser, but teach their young ones about the importance of helping others.

Host a dinner party

Your donors could host a dinner party and ask guests to make a charitable donation, rather than bringing the usual gifts of wine, chocolate or flowers. This is the core concept of the Dine and Donate campaign and you’d be surprised at how generous people can be when they are being catered to. They can take this to the next level, by gathering a group of friends and get the competition going with a Come Dine With Me style competition.

Having a ball

Balls don’t have to be in exclusive venues, with hundreds of people and expensive canapes, your supporters could host their own black tie events in their local schools or places of worship. Fundraising is a great excuse to have a party and they can ask guests to make a donation instead of buying tickets to the event.

National days

Encourage your supporters to do something a bit different for events like International Woman’s Day, a special sporting event or to mark something like Veggie Month!


A little tip to share with your supporters is to not have set donation amounts, but instead they should ask their friends or family to donate whatever they would like. In most cases you’ll find people will be more generous and if possible they should try and obtain Gift Aid forms (even better if you can distribute them out) as this can can increase donations by a whopping 25%.

So, encouraging your supporters to fundraise at home with their friends and family can raise anything from 30 to over 300, but every donation can make a huge difference, especially to small charities like Tree of Hope, who are transforming the lives of seriously ill and disabled children all over the UK.

To find out more about Tree of Hope please visit or for information on how to get involved in Dine and Donate please visit

Ben Crook

Ben Crook

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