A Day In The Life Of A Givergy Event Manager

A Day In The Life Of A Givergy Event Manager

Givergy Event Managers are part of Givergy Live, our network of experienced event staff who thrive on the pressure and excitement of helping to deliver a live event and are dedicated to raising money for great causes. The work of a Givergy Event Manager begins days before the event, when they are selected to work at one of the multitude of Givergy events for our charity partners. The events are all displayed on our Givergy Live portal which also allows our Event Managers to apply for the events they feel particularly passionate about.

Were in the know

Once selected to work the event, a briefing call will be arranged with the Givergy Account Manager and the charity, to run through all key event details to ensure the evening runs as smoothly as possible and that we understand the charity’s key objectives.

A few days before the event the Event Manager will receive the Givergy Promise with all the finer details of the event; this acts as a guide to ensure our commitment to the charity is fulfilled to the highest standard. Givergy Live conduct their final briefing call with the Event Manager 72 hours prior to the event to confirm everything is on track.

On the day

When the day finally arrives, the Event Manager will arrive on site a couple of hours before the guests to make sure they are 100% ready when guests arrive. The Givergy Technical Manager will already be at the event setting up all the equipment and technology then they will have a short meeting pre-event to make sure they are fully prepared.

The Givergy Event Manager will meet with the charity Event Manager on site, running over the Promise and briefing information, making sure they are fully up to speed with any last-minute changes. They’ll follow this with a briefing for their Event Support team, as well as conducting a volunteer briefing for the charity team, who will also be promoting the silent auction fundraising activity. This will ensure the team are fully aware of the goals and targets of the event and gives the Givergy Event Manager the opportunity to answer any last-minute queries.

Its showtime

Once the event begins, the lights will change, music will start and guests will begin to flood across the elegantly decorated room. The Event Manager is the face of Givergy, and they proudly represent the brand and technology when they take to the stage to introduce Givergy, the team and how to operate the fundraising tablets. The team will spend most of the evening encouraging guests to bid, giving them more information about the charity and the lot items, and being on hand should any one need assistance.

Its all about the money

The Event Manager is tasked with making prompt decisions to ensure that the charity raises as much money as possible through the silent auction and pledge. This can include changing the start prices and bidding increments of items to entice guests to bid, ensuring we get as much screen time as possible to add to the competitive nature of the guests as they see their name flash up on the screen, liaising with the MC to highlight particular items in the silent auction, liaising with the client to make the most of the captive audience and the fantastic items on offer, and timing the countdown to perfection to ensure a flurry of last minute bids.

Its not over yet

Once the auction ends, its time for the team to collect payments for all the winning bids. Guest will receive an automatic text message and email with a link to make payment or alternatively, the Givergy Event Manager and their team will set up a payment desk or approach guests at tables so that they can pay straight away.

As the night begins to wind down and the team have collected payments from the winning bidders, the Event Manager will conduct a debrief with the team and they will begin the clear up process. Once all tablets are collected and the client has been updated on their final total raised, the team will congratulate them on the success of the event!

The Event Manager will complete one final task before the night ends, which is filling out a Givergy feedback form. This feedback goes back to the office and is to report the success of the event, offer any recommendations for improvement and most importantly let the team know how much was raised for the amazing charities we support.

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Author: Naomi Valley

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